AutoNation USA Stores to Host Back to School Teen Driver Safety Clinics Coast to Coast

Community clinics offer novice drivers important tips to ensure a safe ride as they head back to school

As novice teenage drivers head back to school this year to begin an exciting new chapter in their academic and social lives, particularly with a newly minted independence of a driver’s license, AutoNation, Inc. (NYSE:AN), America’s largest and most admired automotive retailer, will host complimentary one-hour Teen Driver Safety Clinics at AutoNation USA stores coast to coast, to help promote a safe ride.

“The top risks for new teen drivers range from distractions from their phone to inexperience, speeding, and nighttime driving,” said Marc Cannon, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Experience Officer for AutoNation. “Education is key to helping young new drivers stay safe on the road, which is why we are partnering with local organizations to host clinics around the country that will teach teens safety skills, along with some essential car care tips. We are proud to offer this complimentary community service for the first time this year.”

AutoNation’s Back to School Teen Driver Safety Clinics are one hour and taught by a community expert on the topic. Driver safety curriculum includes a range of topics such as distracted and impaired driving, proper driving positioning, and seatbelt usage, as well as instruction on what to do when pulled over for a traffic violation or when faced with a field sobriety test.

A local AutoNation Service Associate will also be present at each location to share hands-on car care tips such as jumpstarting a battery, proper tire inflation, changing a flat tire, checking vehicle fluids and safety items to store in a car in case of an emergency. Students and parents who participate will have opportunities to ask questions and will receive a mini car care kit with essential items to support their safety and car care journey.

Parents and or guardians are encouraged to participate with their teen(s). Registration is required to attend. To find the nearest AutoNation USA store and register a teen for a complimentary session, visit .

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