Broward Education Foundation Collects More Than $625,000 in Supplies and Donations for Students and Teachers in Broward County Public Schools

Businesses, community leaders, partners and the public generously came together to have the largest ever impact ever in donating school supplies and funding to students and teachers in Broward County so they could kick off the school year ready for success.

Through its annual School Supply Drive, Broward Education Foundation, the only 501(c)3 charitable organization solely dedicated to serving students and teachers in Broward County Public Schools, received financial contributions and donations of essential school supplies valued at $625,126, an impressive average of $125,025 per week over the five-week campaign.

“It really took a village to ensure our success,” said Shea Ciriago, CEO of Broward Education Foundation. “With nearly 76% of children in Broward County Public Schools living in poverty, we remain committed to meeting the shifting needs in education and are incredibly grateful for the many community partners and individuals who contributed to this campaign, the most successful in our 40-year history.”

To help equip students and teachers with the necessary tools to thrive during the 2022-23 school year, Broward Education Foundation tapped every available resource from Publix’s Tools for Schools point-of-sale donation program to companies pledging to support the Adopt-A-School program. Office Depot’s nationwide Start Proud! program donated 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies for elementary school students at two Broward County Public Schools. Financial contributions of $10 or more were made through online donations or personal checks, and businesses of all sizes collected and donated truckloads of school supplies to ensure Broward students are equipped for academic success.

A few of Broward Education Foundation’s outstanding partners that made the 2022 School Supply Drive a success include:

  1. Publix (L to R): Christian Mendez, James Knapp, Fonnie Gill, Jamie Laviolette, Brent Heenan, James Soul, Stephanie Montemayor, Leticia Santini, Shea Ciriago, Prince Sajous, Sue Colton, Ric Green and Myriam Campo Goldman
  2. Office Depot and C. Robert Markham Elementary School (L to R) Ric Green, Jeanne McIntyre, Sue Colton, David Gianello, James Knapp, Shea Ciriago, Richelle Kubsch, Office Depot All Star Teacher Jacqueline Richards de’Verteuil, Wesley-Anne Brinkhurst, Principal Shedrick Dukes and Alex Price
  1. Coke Florida and Collins Elementary School Broward School Board Member Debra Hixon and Coke Florida’s Scottie Walker at Collins Elementary School
  2. Charles Drew Elementary and Upchurch Management (L to R) Brett Bonime, Tiffany Librizi, Pompano Beach Mayor Rex Hardin, Sue Colton, Brent Upchuch and Lourdes Bicknel
  1. Centennial Bank and Pompano Beach Elementary– Fonnie Gill (center) Sue Colton (second from right) and Jeanne McIntyre (far right) join a parent and students at Pompano Beach Elementary School.
  2. North Side Elementary and Lions Club / Black Police Officers Association (L to R) Broward School Board Member Sarah Leonardi with North Side Elementary School educators Bazeline Wallace, Dieusonfils Nazaire and Marhta Juste
  3. Broward Sheriff’s Office Weekend Supply Drives at Walmart (L to R) Hector Javier, Joseph Curtis and Doris O’Donnell
  4. The law firm of Wooster Halpern hosted a wonderful school supply drive happy hour at American Social. (L to R) Michael Halpern, Esq., Coco Burns and Hayden Wooster, Esq.
  5. Broward Education Foundation’s School Supply Center hosted Pediatrics Associates for a backpack stuffing team building event where they prepared more than 600 backpacks for Broward students. Pictured (L-R) Sue Colton, Dr. Andrew Reiss, Myriam Goldman, and Pediatrics Associates CEO Brian Jackson.