ShopBest Helps Shoppers Save and Earn Money This Holiday Season

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – In this challenging economic time, people are looking to save money and add additional income. ShopBest announces its cutting-edge global shopping and earning technology dedicated to providing a simple toolbar that people can use to save money and make money by shopping and sharing.

“We recognized the opportunity to provide a free application to shoppers looking for ways to earn money as they shop and share with friends. This was the spark that became ShopBest,” said Devon Cohen, chief executive officer for ShopBest. “You can’t say no to free.”

Providing a Valuable Service

The executive team at ShopBest identified online shopping as the fastest growing segment of the retail industry and harnessed the potential of patent pending technology to provide a unique opportunity. Their mission was to provide consumers a way to earn money by doing what they normally do; shopping and sharing.

“ShopBest was designed to eliminate the negative aspects of network marketing. There are no overpriced products to sell, no inventory to stock and no high pressure selling,” explained Cohen. “ShopBest is safe, easy and effective with free registration and cash back savings on over 1,800 retail sites.”

The ShopBest Experience

At its core, ShopBest couples the power of cash back shopping with multi-level marketing that allows users to connect to each other, share valuable retail insights and make money. An interested shopper downloads the toolbar and shops online while the program identifies participating stores, collects cash back points, identifies special discounts and stores the information for the participant’s next experience.

As shoppers browse for items ranging from toiletries to automobiles, points are accumulated on the toolbar that can be used to trade for gifts or money. ShopBest even awards shopping points for sharing free toolbars with other users.

ShopBest’s Mission

ShopBest is a multi-level marketing company which combines shopping and saving with exclusive retail offers that are available for use at well-known websites. ShopBest leverages online retail with social media to help people make money by rewarding shopping habits and new user referrals. The organization also gives back, contributing 10% of its corporate profits to selected children’s charities recommended by valued distributors. Founded in November 2009, ShopBest is planning a national launch for March 2010 in Las Vegas.

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