The Justin Flippen Memorial Scholarship at Our Fund Foundation

Scholarship Awarded to Florida Atlantic Student on Anniversary of Flippen’s Untimely Passing

Emily Miranda

When Justin Flippen, the beloved late mayor of Wilton Manors, died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm last year, Our Fund Foundation swiftly launched the Justin Flippen Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor his enduring legacy.

To pay a fitting tribute and offer respects on the one-year anniversary of Flippen’s untimely passing on February 25, 2020 at the age of only 41, Our Fund will award the inaugural scholarship to Emily Miranda, a Political Science major at Florida Atlantic University. As the first recipient to receive the Justin Flippen Memorial Scholarship, Miranda has a proven record of community service and political activism combined with a passion for social justice.

“Our Fund Foundation is honored to administer the Justin Flippen Memorial Fund which will help prepare future generations of leaders follow in the footsteps of Justin ’s thoughtful and passionate public service,” said David Jobin, president and CEO of Our Fund Foundation.

As Florida Atlantic University’s first openly gay Student President, Flippen went on to become Wilton Manors’ Mayor. His life and career in public service were guided by Thomas Jefferson’s foundational principle, “Governments are the servants, not the masters, of the people.”

“Ignorance serves as the fuel for gaps in social justice and equity and the battle against it is lifelong,” said Emily Miranda. “It is my honor to receive this scholarship in the name of Justin Flippen as it allows me to take a step further in learning about, confronting, and promoting equality and justice.”

Scholarships from the Justin Flippen Memorial Fund will be awarded annually and in perpetuity in increments $1,000. Our Fund Foundation will oversee the endowment which was created to provide financial support to Florida students who are aspiring to enter public service and pursuing a degree in political science or a related field. Preference will be given to students exhibiting interest in promoting LGBTQ+ equality.

Flippen’s parents remarked, “The recipient impresses me as she is an honors student in a similar place as Justin was at that time in his life. Justin would feel good about her determination, particularly as a first-generation student,” said Stephanie Flippen Chandler. With Jim Flippen recalling, “Justin always said a school is four walls with a roof and the future inside.”

Our Fund Foundation intends on continuing to raise monies for the Justin Flippen Memorial Fund so the non-profit can increase and expand the number of future scholarships.  For more information or to make a donation, visit