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One of the most successful and longstanding public relations agencies in South Florida, Pierson Grant Public Relations has represented all types of clients, from multi-national public and private corporation to startups, government and quasi-governmental organizations, franchisees, sole practitioners and nonprofits.

During nearly 30 years in business, Pierson Grant has met and dispatched the toughest local, regional and national public relations challenges to endure and succeed as one of South Florida’s top public relations agencies.

It’s often said that the acid test in public relations comes during difficult times.  For our clients, Pierson Grant has successfully navigated and emerged from the challenges of three economic downturns since 1995, and then the COVID pandemic. Throughout all of it, Pierson Grant has consistently delivered outstanding service and results.  Our deep understanding of media and the components of message delivery is what sets us apart from the competition.

Public Relations is an Integral Part of Your Sales and Marketing Plan

As experienced public relations consultants and advisors, the Pierson Grant team is seasoned in applying the advanced and often complex tools of public relations to coalesce your overall business plan.  Especially in today’s hyper-mobile, multi-dimensional media landscape, knowing the nature and dynamics of various public relations tools, and being able to apply them with proper timing, strategy and resources can return a highly significant return on investment to your bottom line.

Known for our extraordinary client service that distinguishes us from other firms, Pierson Grant’s talented professionals are experienced in using all types of public relations tools, including traditional publicity (also known as “PR,” media relations, global media outreach and securing earned media), special events and community relations, social media and digital marketing.

Collaborating as a team, our publicists use their respective knowledge to maximize client value in public relations specialty areas such as public affairs and issues management, corporate communications and investor communications, film, video and broadcast, relationship building and synergies, and even providing media training to ensure your executives ace their next print or television interview.

If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations. – Bill Gates

We Can Help Uncover What’s “Newsworthy”

As skilled publicists, we maintain strong working relationships with reporters from print, broadcast and online media covering all beats. We know how the media work and fulfill their need for timely, relevant stories on our clients’ behalf. A member of our professional staff is dedicated to generating coverage in Spanish language media throughout the Americas and our social media specialists create engaging strategies for clients to connect with their target audiences.

Members of Pierson Grant have worked in the top levels of both print and broadcast media and know there’s no substitute for understanding “what’s news” from a newsroom’s point of view.

Because what often seems like news to a client is not perceived that way to a reporter, we work with you by getting to know your business and people, both from the executive and day-to-day level to help hone your messaging for maximum reception and create an ultimate impact that can result in a feature story on the news or other broadcast show, a feature article in a newspaper or magazine, or another journalist seeing your story on social media that helps to inspire a whole new story about your business altogether.

Creating the right message that both aligns with the reporter’s needs and conveys our clients’ goals is the what we do every day, using advanced digital tools to not only find the right reporter and the right opportunity, but create a media relationship that will position you as a trusted go-to source for new stories and opportunities well into the future.

Strategically Choosing the Right Words and Tools

We’re often called upon to ghostwrite all types of articles, from paid advertorials, to editorial opinion (op-ed) articles and even corporate governance reports and CEO welcome letters.  We also create and write brochures, employee training manuals, infographics and all types of corporate communications materials.

Pierson Grant also knows how using the right words in the right order for digital advertising, website blog management or social media can play a critical role in the success of many marketing plans.  The nuances of writing for search engine optimization and the delicate balance of words can mean the difference between a top-level search result or being relegated to the back of the pack.  We keep abreast of major search engine algorithm changes to ensure we are crafting language that utilizes the optimal technique.

Engaging your audiences through multiple marketing channels is our recipe for success. These target audiences may include the public at large, the business community, government officials and other stakeholders. They may be customized by age, gender, income, geography, interests, purchasing history and a variety of other criteria.  Indeed, the practice of public relations involves identifying who is the best recipient of a carefully crafted message and ensuring that “public” sees it, whether it’s a small group like a board of directors or legislative body, or a vast target market that may span multiple countries.

To reflect your organization’s core values, we create community relations programs and then manage all aspects of these custom plans, from messaging through implementation and publicity.

Likewise, we plan special events of all sizes and manage everything from the guest list to staffing and everything in-between.

Pierson Grant provides a sophisticated level of thinking forged by working with visionary business leaders at top public and private companies nationwide.  Our agency account executives at every level are chosen for their knowledgeable approach to public relations, intelligent thinking, awareness of current events and commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Our work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Silver Anvil Award of Excellence, Clarion Award, FPRA Dick Pope All-Florida Golden Image Award, National Marine Manufacturers Association “Best Social Media” award and numerous others over the years.

We are confident that our academic, classical approach to public relations will be a strong asset in your marketing mix.

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