Issues & Crisis Management

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Companies, non-profit organizations, municipalities and individuals call upon Pierson Grant Public Relations to prepare and update their public relations crisis management plans before a crisis hits.   

Similarly, we have worked successfully with law firms, lobbyists and others with legal, governmental or quasi-governmental interests to help manage issues requiring public affairs strategy and high-level advocacy, or even communications and public relations support in matters involving complex litigation.  Startups and entrepreneurs seeking legislative or regulatory change and community consensus-building have also recruited us to lay a pathway for their business development.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. – Warren Buffett 

Pierson Grant has a track record of success in managing media inquiries, crafting messages and applying the most effective tactics for mitigating the impact of diverse challenging situations. 

On the advocacy front, we have worked on issues such as major statewide amendment campaigns, as well as local ballot initiatives in support of businesses and municipalities. 

In the realm of public affairs, we create messaging crafted with knowledgeable viewpoints and strategies to achieve desired outcomes. Whether the client is a real estate developer seeking approvals, a governmental entity trying to gain voter approval for tax amendment or a bond referendum, or any other type of issue, our public affairs specialists help clients achieve their goals with the optimum combination of targeted communications, media coverage, editorial support and community outreach. 

We also utilize all types of research services to ensure we are well informed about your industry and its competitors, and new market developments in your industry area, and prevailing economic and political factors that may factor in your individual case. 

Don’t Wait Until Crisis Strikes to Map Out Your PR Plan

Indeed, finding yourself in the midst of a crisis is too late to begin formulating the best plan for communicating with all of your organization’s stakeholders. The key to effective rapid response is having a current crisis management plan in place that involves executive-level media training, coordinating with your internal team on response protocol and quickly controlling the flow of communications in a pre-determined manner.

Retaining wise public relations and public affairs counsel is the first step in mitigating the immediate impact and moving beyond any challenge. 

With information shared instantaneously worldwide on social media, news travels far and fast.  The 24-hour news cycle and the proliferation of online news syndication has changed traditional crisis management strategy, requires a multi-pronged approach to protecting a brand’s reputation and leading an organization to a quick and effective recovery.  We can help manage incoming media call response, help craft outgoing messaging that’s tailored to all types of media, and organize and manage press conferences.  Our longstanding media relationships are a valued asset in making sure your message not only gets to the optimal media member, but is imparted in a clear, timely manner.

Whether the crisis is as result of product, system or human failure, or even a natural disaster, Pierson Grant will keep our role in your operations confidential as we provide thoughtful counsel and effective strategies to control the message and move on as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our pre-emptive approach is like an insurance policy against finding yourself scrambling to gather the information you need in the midst of a crisis.

Should you find yourself embroiled in a difficult situation and need of expert advice and rapid implementation, you can depend on the experienced professionals at Pierson Grant to both prepare you to handle it and assist you in executing your crisis management plan.  We’ll be on hand to work with you at each step of the process to provide highly effective crisis communication and media management solutions.

Public Relations Includes Litigation, Legislative and Lobbying Support   

Tactics used to influence any particular audience are part of the practice of public relations, including sophisticated communications to support litigation and lobbying teams.  The professionals at Pierson Grant have the legal, legislative and regulatory experience required to impact high-stakes, high-profile policy-changing outcomes in any of these venues.

While strictly respecting the sensitivity of non-disclosure in the judicial process, Pierson Grant can create a litigation support program that includes media management, reputation building, strategic search engine optimization, blogging, website management, rapid response social media and around-the-clock crisis handling to assist lawyers in managing their case.

Lobbying support may include gathering consensus to build grassroots support through community relations, conducting focus groups, creating strategic reports and presentations, creating and placement of impactful institutional or digital advertising, social media, creating and sending targeted email campaigns and leave-behind flyers, and even ghostwriting editorial opinions for principal clients.