Social Media & Influencer Engagement

Social media has become a serious, fundamental component of effective, successful marketing campaigns.  Pierson Grant Public Relations can help you create and manage your social media as part of a comprehensive communications and PR plan, digital marketing campaign, or even as a stand-alone outreach effort.

From its early beginnings as a university intranet in the 1960s, to popular AOL chat rooms of the 1990s, to today’s dizzying array of multi-media tools and platforms, social media is here to stay.  In this dense, noisy media landscape where online content has supplanted hard copy print formats, and paywalls can often deter subscribers, social media, with its lure of free real-time interaction with friends, family, and online communities, has become many people’s primary source of information regardless of demographic. 

To help harness this vast audience potential, Pierson Grant can work with you to create a social media presence filled with creative, consistent and strategic posts that sell, entertain and build community by emphasizing your key messages and thought leadership, while increasing your reach and frequency.

Beyond what you say about your brand, consumers now hear what anyone with an opinion has to say.

If you need both traditional public relations and social media, there is great efficiency in managing them under one roof when our PR team automatically shares news and content with our social media team, thus reinforcing your important messaging across all platforms.

Pierson Grant can also help coordinate your organic social media campaign with your paid social media ads, both of which can boost your regular non-social media digital advertising campaigns on Google or other online media outlets.

To help ensure you achieve the best possible online visibility, we will use your social media to leverage search engine optimization by backlinking your dynamic website content, with the goal of further amplifying and optimizing your domain(s) on Google and other search engines.

Perennially the most popular platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are often a good place to begin a basic social media campaign.  Pierson Grant Public Relations’ experienced professionals will work with you to analyze your audience, your budget and campaign time parameters to best evaluate how social media fits in with your goals.  We may recommend other platforms or tools you may need, such as You Tube, LinkTree, TikTok, product and services reviews, photo-sharing platforms, enterprise social networks, or even a good old-fashioned forum-style message board.

To plan and organize the backbone of your campaign, Pierson Grant often creates a traditional social media calendar, incorporating scheduled posts such as holidays, national recognition days and other positive news.  As the month unfolds, Pierson Grant professionals will also be attuned to fresh news in your industry that can be leveraged to help further present you on social media in a positive light, expanding your reach while keeping your audience informed.

Taking into account your unique needs and information, Pierson Grant can both write your social media posts, as well as help ensure your social media pages look professional by creating appropriately sized, branded images to accompany your posts.

Importantly, we will become your online eyes and ears, saving you valuable time and creating interactive opportunities to grow your social presence as we monitor your accounts for engagement.  We’ll help promote your messages, respond to comments, and network your social media properties appropriately according to your industry and strategy.  We’ll also work fluidly with you to help build the kind of responsive online presence that’s come to be expected in day-to-day commerce.

As a matter of course, Pierson Grant actively monitors your social media metrics to measure your campaign’s impact and return on investment, so you can feel confident your plan is actively working.  We also stay alert for new social media products and trends to make sure you’re using the right tools to convey the right messaging.

Importantly, in managing your social media, we will observe cybersecurity protocols and stay vigilant for any malicious activity that could compromise your online presence or even your business computing firewalls.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

In today’s world of digital engagement, consumers welcome information and guidance from a universe of people that extends way beyond friends and family.  Now that most Americans carry the equivalent of a supercomputer and super-camera in their pockets, the ability for resourceful, creative individuals to essentially become their own media brand by regularly posting high-quality, entertaining content has grown exponentially, spawning the genre known as “influencer marketing.”

With their seemingly organic, often unfiltered digital sharing, influencers can be a powerful tool through which to reach a world of connected people who share some common interest.

Pierson Grant works with a variety of influencers – moms, marine industry, sports and more – with social media followings ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. They deliver impressive, targeted reach for client campaigns.

Simply because of their lack of corporate overhead, identifying the right influencers to carry your product or service and connecting with them is often challenging.  It can be costly if mistakes are made.  This is where Pierson Grant can help save you time and money.

As part of our media relations, we cultivate our long-term relationships with top influencers on multiple platforms.  We also help clients negotiate visibility on influencer channels and work to create the optimal presentation.  Done right, influencer marketing can pay enormous dividends, particularly if an influencer post goes viral and is picked up by syndicated media.

Talk with your Pierson Grant account executive about whether social media and influencer marketing can help you.