Albizu University Professor Shows How To Open Your Own Mental Health Practice

Miami Albizu University Professor Shows Aspiring Mental Health Sole Practitioners the Ropes

Dr. Samantha Behbahani

With the recently enacted American Rescue Plan Act allocating billions in funding to boost mental health programs and train the behavioral health workforce that will be needed to staff them, those contemplating a new career as a mental health practitioner may also be evaluating the merits of starting their own professional counseling practice.

On April 14, 2021, Albizu University Associate Professor Samantha Behbahani, PsyD, M.S. will join the American Psychological Association (APA) for a one-hour Continuing Education-eligible forum on how to do just that—start and run your own clinical psychology or mental health counseling practice.

Part of a series entitled “Building and Sustaining a Thriving Private Practice:  From Start to Finish,” the April 14 edition featuring Dr. Behbahani will focus on clinical and administrative management, staffing and outsourcing.   The April 14 course, like each edition in the 10-part series, is open to the public with a cost of $40 per session or $300 for the full series.  APA members are eligible for a discount.

“Providing mental health services in today’s healthcare environment is complex given insurance and regulatory requirements, coupled with the impact of technology—not to mention COVID-19,” Dr. Behbahani explained.  “Mental health professionals cannot simply have a ‘cottage industry’ where they see patients, collect a fee and write a brief note in a paper record.”

Those attending the April 14 forum will learn best practices for administrative and clinical staff development to assure for compliance with legal, regulatory and ethical mental health industry standards, as well as how to address considerations required for engaging outsourced administrative services.

Dr. Behbahani will present on April 14 together with Dave Verhaggen, PhD, ABPP of Nashville, Tennessee.  The event is hosted by The Practice Institute’s Jeff Zimmerman, PhD, ABPP

To register for the April 14 event or the entire series, click here.