Albizu University Psychologists to Discuss Relationships Repair Skills During COVID

Free March 10 Zoom Webinar Will Tackle the Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Process

After a full pandemic year, it can seem like there is no shortage of negative relationship issues continuing to arise and dampen our spirits.

Albizu University’s Miami Campus (AU), with its intensive focus on doctoral-level psychology studies, has gathered some of its top clinicians and professors for a March 10, 2021 complimentary webinar titled “Immunizing Your Relationships Against COVID Stress.”

The virtual event, which runs from 2 to 3 p.m. (EST), will explore the relationship conflict process, from what happens to our bodies physiologically during an argument to differences among age groups and psychosocial influences on how we relate to one another. To register, visit

Panelists will provide tips on how to understand and repair a damaged relationship, explain how therapy assists in this process, and how to find the therapist who best fits their needs.

Known for its clinical psychology doctoral programs, Albizu University has gained international recognition for advancing a culturally sensitive approach to psychology practice and studies, particularly in Latin-American communities.  The school has a campus in Miami, Florida, and headquarters in Puerto Rico.

“To add fuel to our colliding interpersonal relationships, a dizzying array of confusion, catastrophe and conflict has barraged us daily, leading many to take out their frustrations on their loved ones—whether it’s a spouse, parent, friend, coworker, or even a grown child,” explained Dr. Isaac Tourgeman, an AU clinical psychologist and professor who will moderate the event.  “In our heads, we know there’s a better way to face conflict, but without the right guidance to do it, our hearts often lead us down the road to estrangement.”