Albizu University Suspends Graduate Student GRE Test Registration Requirements During COVID-19

To ease the financial burden and time stress on graduate-level applicants, Albizu University’s Miami Campus has temporarily suspended the usual requirements for would-be students to pass a Graduate Records Exam (GRE) test.

“Right now, many people are looking to quickly ramp up to a new career, while juggling the seemingly impossible demands of financial difficulty, working from home and home-schooling children,” Albizu Miami Chancellor Dr. Tilokie DePoo explained.  “Any graduate-level academic application is rightfully arduous, but easing some of those requirements is the right thing to do for our hard-working students, many of whom are already working full-time jobs and managing a family.”

The GRE Test, which is used by graduate and business schools worldwide, provides a common measure for comparing academic candidates’ qualifications.

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