Albizu University’s Mental Health Clinics Offering Free Therapy for Those Experiencing Anxiety over the Ukraine War

The Albizu University Clinic in Miami is offering free psychotherapy both in-person and via telehealth in English and Spanish throughout the state of Florida for those experiencing anxiety over the Ukraine-Russia war. Albizu campus clinics in San Juan and Mayagüez, Puerto Rico are providing the same services.

“Uncertainty about the future and the safety of one’s family are factors that can generate complex emotions for many people,” explained Dr. Tilokie Depoo, Albizu University Miami Campus’ Chancellor. “Mental health experts recommend that people seek professional support when these emotions become difficult to manage.”

Sponsored by Albizu University, a leader in undergraduate and graduate psychology programs, the Albizu Clinic (also known as The Goodman Psychological Services Center) has been providing quality mental health services to thousands of people throughout South Florida since 1980.  The Clinic services are provided by Albizu’s master’s and doctoral program students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

The Albizu Clinic regularly offers individual psychotherapy for ages five and up; therapy for couples and marriages; family therapy; psychoeducational groups in specialized topic areas (i.e., parenting skills training); and psychological, diagnostic, and psychoeducational evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults that can determine special cognitive abilities and disorders.

“Albizu University’s professional staff, our clinical team, and our students are committed to supporting the emotional well-being of those affected by the traumatic events of the current conflict in Europe between Russia and Ukraine.  As part of this institutional initiative, we are active and available to continue offering services and therapies to those patients who need it,” said Dr. Berta Ríos, interim president of Albizu University.

The Albizu Clinic/Goodman Center serves as the in-house training facility for all clinical programs at Albizu University.  Currently, it has doctoral practicum and internship students providing psychological services, and all are supervised by licensed psychologists. The program allows hopeful graduates to develop a greater level of autonomy and responsibility as future mental health care professionals by applying their learnings and practicing their skills with patients on a daily basis. They also learn about the importance of serving their community and experience the satisfaction of helping those in need first-hand.

Dr. Evangelina Alonso, Director of the Albizu Clinic/Goodman Center and Albizu’s Psy.D. program stated, “It is times like these that our Albizu family particularly comes together to help people who are suffering. This tragedy brings us all closer together to help those in need and to show our love and compassion.  Our founder, Dr. Carlos Albizu Miranda, always emphasized, ‘love reaches beyond knowledge,’ and that’s what we do here at Albizu University.”

Albizu University’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) and the Doctoral Internship Program at the Goodman Center in Miami are both accredited by the American Psychological Association’s Commission on Accreditation.

To make an appointment or to get more information, Florida residents can call 305-592-7860, 888-8ALBIZU (888) 825-2498 or log onto  Those calling in Puerto Rico can go to or call (787) 993-3885 (San Juan) or (787) 838-7272 (Mayagüez).