Celebrity Real Estate Artist Frank McKinney Unveils His $29 Million ‘Green Mansion’

Acqua Liana
Rendering of Acqua Liana

Manalapan, Fla. — Risk-taking real estate daredevil and bestselling author Frank McKinney makes his fortune doing things like no one else. This February, on Friday the 13th, he unveils “Acqua Liana,” his highly anticipated $29 million green mansion in an illusionary and spectacular theatrical assault on the senses.

During this artistic display, in just one evening, McKinney has promised to single-handedly revive the American Dream. But how will he do it?

With the grand unveiling of his daring new masterpiece, McKinney once again illustrates his incomparable talent for predicting and creating demand for the next hot trend in real estate. South Florida coastal architecture is long overdue for the bold statement made by Acqua Liana’s dazzling, tropical and environmentally responsible design.

Acqua Liana, named after the Tahitian and Fijian words for water flower, is set on 1.6 acres and 23 feet above sea level, with over 150 breathtaking feet fronting direct Atlantic Ocean-to-Intracoastal Waterway property in Manalapan, Fla. The estate is the first home of its size to be certified green by the rigorous environmental standards of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Florida Green Building Council.

Inspired by trips to Bali, Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii, the three-story, 15,000-square-foot, 7-bedroom, 11-bath mansion features thatched roofs, meandering water gardens, floating sun terraces, a waterfall spa with a fire feature in the water, an interior glass “water floor,” a suspended double-helix main glass staircase, an arched aquarium wet bar (walk below with exotic fish above!) and a guesthouse constructed out of palm and bamboo that is partially submerged in a lagoon.

Green features of the home include:

  • enough solar panels to cover a regulation-size basketball court and could generate enough energy for two average-size homes;
  • a water system that collects enough runoff water to fill the average swimming pool every 14 days;
  • environmentally conscious lighting that reduces fixture consumption by 70%;
  • enough reclaimed wood to save 10.5 acres of Brazilian rain forest;
  • renewable woods that regenerate every three years vs. every 50 years for other hardwoods;
  • pools, reflecting ponds, water gardens, misters, etc., to drop the site temperature 2 to 3 degrees lower than neighboring properties;
  • recycling 340,000 pounds of debris during construction; and
  • air conditioning and air purification systems four times better than a hospital’s operating room.

Among the home’s many spectacular features are a 2,180-square-foot oceanfront master bedroom suite with his/hers ocean-view baths, magnificent oceanfront Hawaiian Koa-wood kitchen and catering kitchen, fitness studio, oceanfront glass office, two glass elevators, two laundry rooms, glass wine cellar, subterranean air-conditioned and marbled oversize garage with window views of the pool above and much more.

The back story on Frank McKinney:

In distinctive McKinney style, which defies the ordinary, he also releases three new books: Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies; The Tap; and Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle, all published by Health Communications, Inc. “I wrote all three over the last eighteen months from my oceanfront treehouse office, three hours a day, every day,” McKinney notes of his literary triple play. “It meant constantly shifting between the challenging arena of bubble-proof real estate investing to a rich fantasy world to deep within my personal faith and spirituality.” Proceeds from the sale of the books are donated to his Caring House Project Foundation, which creates a self-sustaining existence for poor and homeless families around the world.

Asked to “accentuate the dichotomy” in their attire, some of the 500 invited guests at the unveiling of Acqua Liana will appear to have walked out of a Friday the 13th horror film and others are expected to assume the guise of famous sweethearts for Valentine’s Day. Gathered on the beach and sipping specially concocted “Friday the 13th Manalapan Mojitos,” with McKinney’s island-inspired Acqua Liana masterpiece shrouded behind a giant curtain, they will anxiously await their host’s arrival and the dramatic unveiling of the world’s most opulent green home.

With vibrant pyrotechnics and spotlights searing the night sky, McKinney will amaze the assembled VIPs with a stunning entry, complete with an illusion worthy of the world’s great magicians — and even more impactful than his grand entrances to previous events, where he appeared as a pirate descending into the crowd from a high-speed zip line, jumped his motorcycle over a replica of his first home or raced up the shore on a jet ski while clad in black.

The opening spectacle of the night notwithstanding, “It’s when you cross the threshold into Acqua Liana that the show really begins,” says McKinney. His theatrical “symphony of the senses” for this event was created to demonstrate that the American Dream is very much alive. “At this Grand Unveiling, guests will hear nothing about a credit crisis or other gloom and doom,” he says. “With Acqua Liana in the spotlight, they will be surrounded by beacons of realistic optimism and opportunity: other visionaries and market makers who pay no attention to the bubbleheads and who make their fortunes doing so.”

Anticipation for the first look at McKinney’s latest masterpiece has accelerated for months, as guests watched the countdown ticker at Frank-McKinney.com and then received an extraordinary invitation: a red, heart-shaped box decorated with a black ribbon — Friday the 13th courting Valentine’s Day — with custom candies inside saying Burst This!, Buy Me, Green, Acqua Liana and twenty-six other words related to the big event. Only two of the coveted invitations contained a gold coin with the word Sold on it, entitling the guest to a private lunch in McKinney’s famous treehouse office, copies of all three books, a ride in his 1988 Yugo mini-book-tour-mobile and a private tour of Acqua Liana.

For more information on Acqua Liana, please visit http://Frank-McKinney.com.