COVID-19: Consulate-General of Japan Introduces Online Videos to Enjoy Japanese Culture

Get a “virtual passport” to experience Japan remotely in light of Olympics postponement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (The Consulate-General of Japan in Miami) is introducing a virtual escape to Japan for anyone confined at home and disappointed that this summer’s Olympics in Tokyo have been postponed.

“While we will not be welcoming the world to Tokyo this summer, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has offered a virtual passport to top destinations in Japan as well as celebrations of Japanese art and culture,” said Consul-General of Japan in Miami Kenji Hirata.

Among the videos offered on the Japan Video Topics YouTube channel, JVT-en, several will be particularly enjoyable to those who have been staying at home during the COVID-19 precautions, including:

Survival Food, Gourmet Style:  Most Japanese homes and companies keep stocks of emergency food in case stores are closed after a disaster strikes. This video takes a look at what is in a survival kit and how the food is made.

Handwashing to Save the World: Globalizing a Childhood Habit: Today, everyone knows the importance of washing their hands, a simple act that Japan has been championing around the globe.

Life with Virtual Companions: Take a break from talking with real people on Facetime and Zoom and meet the virtual characters that are becoming more deeply embedded in our everyday lives.

Manga – Unleashing Your Inner Artist: Pick up a pencil and learn the secrets to the comics and graphic novels that are a famous part of Japan’s pop culture.

Nail Art – Japanese Design with Universal Appeal: Lady Gaga turns to Japanese nail artist Aya Fukuda for her nail masterpieces and you’ll know what to ask for when the nail salons re-open.

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