COVID-19: Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Offers Free Educational Videos and Live Facebook Instruction

More than 25 videos to choose from on sharks, billfish, groupers, lionfish, iguanas and more

Dr. Guy Harvey

To help families stay engaged, entertained and educated while they spend time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, world-renowned artist, conservationist, scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Guy Harvey and his daughter Jessica, project manager for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), have introduced more than 25 free educational videos at as well as live marine-inspired art instruction sessions for all ages on Facebook Live from Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. (EST), beginning March 30 when Dr. Harvey shares his art techniques and what inspires him and answers questions from viewers.

The collection of short videos available online, known as Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook, follow the father-daughter team as they travel the world to study and document the largest predators and most exotic wildlife in the sea and on land. There are exciting, fun and fascinating videos that give an up close and personal look at such sea creatures as the white shark, white marlin, shortfin mako shark, barracuda, oceanic whitetop shark, grouper, stingray and great hammerhead shark, among others. Shot in beautiful, natural habitats, the videos detail the life of these creatures, many of which are endangered. Viewers will learn more about what they are and where and how they live.

“As we spend more time at home during this difficult time, these videos can provide terrific educational moments for families,” said Dr. Harvey. “From an early age, we can nurture a love of the sea, marine science and marine life. As they better understand the habits and habitats of marine wildlife, we can foster the next generation of ocean conservationists,” said Dr. Harvey.

To view the videos, documentaries and additional educational resources visit