Deerfield Beach Enterprise Commerce Center Now at 100 Percent Occupancy With Berger Commercial Realty/CORFAC 35,000 Sq. Ft. Lease

With two new leases, Berger Commercial Realty/CORFAC International Sales Associate John Forman has brought the Deerfield Beach-based Enterprise Commerce Center to 100 percent occupancy for landlord Mancini & Sons Florida, LLC.

Consisting of two separate buildings—one with Powerline Road frontage—the sprawling 218,613 square foot industrial park now houses two new manufacturing businesses:  Falcon Designs, LLC, which makes plastic bags, and hand sanitizer producer M.D. Science Lab, LLC.

Falcon Designs will occupy 7,438 square feet in Bay C at 1500 S. Powerline Road, while M.D. Science Lab will make its home amid 26,925 square feet at Bay A of 1901 Green Road.  Both buildings offer ample parking.

“Despite the difficulties posed by COVID-19, we were able to generate a considerable amount of activity and ultimately lease 34,363 square feet at the Enterprise Commerce Center,” Forman said.

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