Five tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for professional networking and employment opportunities. It’s also very crowded, as potentially millions of people use it on a daily basis. It’s imperative that you stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re using LinkedIn to seek employment opportunities. Let’s talk about five ways you can optimize your profile for enhanced visibility:

Don’t skimp on your profile. In life you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That statement could not be more relevant in regard to your LinkedIn profile. When your profile is incomplete or riddled with grammatical errors, what type of message are you sending to a potential employer? Your profile needs to be written well and as thorough as possible. Remember that this is your digital resume! Dedicate the time to write a comprehensive and thoughtful profile highlighting your current position, past experience, education and other indicators of expertise. In addition, include words and phrases that you believe visitors to LinkedIn may use when they are searching for someone with your skillset and capabilities.

Get found in search. Make your LinkedIn profile public so that it can be found in search. You can customize which components of your profile are shown to visitors who find your profile through search engines. Don’t forget to set a custom public profile URL so that your public profile will look like this:

Seek and give recommendations. LinkedIn allows you to ask your connections for recommendations and for you to reciprocate by recommending them. This allows connections to help each other build and strengthen reputations. Think about how you want to come across to potential employers who may find you on LinkedIn and don’t be shy about asking for recommendations.

Participate in groups. LinkedIn users are able to organize themselves into different groups based on schools attended, industry, geography, and various personal or professional interests.
Join groups to connect with like-minded peers who may be interested in joining your network and sharing advice, ideas, and potential employment opportunities. Groups are a great tool for personal branding. Don’t forget to add any groups you join to your profile.

Use LinkedIn applications to enhance your profile. Applications can be used to showcase your qualifications, adding a new layer to your profile. You can use the WordPress application to showcase your blog posts; use the SlideShare application to embed presentations on your profile; or use the Creative Portfolio Display application to visually showcase your multimedia projects.

In closing: It’s all about standing out and separating yourself from the pack. Take full advantage of the tools and make your digital resume stand out above the rest!

By: Mike Fruchter
Director of Digital Strategy