Fortress Marine Anchors Launches First-Ever Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Hooking up with the “World’s Best Anchors” just got even easier with new website

Fortress Marine Anchors, the industry-leading manufacturer of 17 different models of boat anchors, now offers consumers the opportunity to order direct from the manufacturer with delivery available anywhere in the world. The launch of the 32-year-old company’s first-ever direct-to-consumer sales platform is a central function of its recently launched new website, which also offers a helpful anchor selection guide, useful anchoring tips and informative videos.

“For 32 years, boaters everywhere have been purchasing our products through our retail partners,” said company Controller, Tara Farley. “While that method of purchase is still available, we’re very excited about the increase in customer engagement, convenience and sales this new platform will deliver.”

Since 1986, Fortress Marine Anchors have proven to be the best boat anchors in the world. Well-known for their exceptional holding capability, they are made in the USA and engineered for performance.

Precision-machined from an aluminum-magnesium alloy which ensures easier handling, faster setting and deeper penetration in common sea bottoms compared to traditional anchors, these high-performance anchors out-perform much heavier steel anchors and withstand pull loads averaging over 200 times their own weight.

With unmatched quality and durability proven in testing by the U.S. Navy, Fortress Marine Anchors can be quickly disassembled for compact storage as spare or storm anchor and offer two shank/fluke angles to provide outstanding holding power in common sea bottoms, a 32-degree angle for sand, mud or clay, or a 45-degree angle for soft mud.

Fortress Marine Anchors offer a lifetime parts replacement warranty and are constructed from a high-tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminum magnesium alloy that is precision-machined into interlocking components with no welds to weaken the metal. This results in a lighter, easy to handle anchor with superior holding power. 

Fortress Marine Anchors also offers its line of Guardian Anchors, benefiting from 30 years of company research and development and delivering excellent quality, performance and economy. Made from the same high tensile, corrosion resistant aluminum magnesium alloy and manufacturing precision as Fortress Marine Anchors, but with slightly smaller extrusion profiles and without some of Fortress’ extra features, such as anodizing and adjustable fluke angles, Guardian Anchors are an economical alternative to heavy, rust-prone steel anchors. 

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