Free Webinar Explains How GPS-Based Geo-fencing Drives Consumer Traffic

Take 5 Media Group, one of the nation’s largest consumer data owners and compilers, and a leader in omni-channel marketing solutions, has released a new webinar explaining the effectiveness of geo-fencing, a GPS/RFID technology, as a digital marketing tool for reeling in potential customers within a defined local market.

“While digital marketing has become mainstream, many brands are not familiar with the full range of amazing,  technology-based tools now available to reach target audiences,” said Don Morris, Take 5’s chief revenue officer. “We created a series of short, engaging webinars as an easy way for marketers to begin the process of learning about digital marketing solutions they may not have used before and should be considering now. We are pleased to offer it as a free resource.”

The webinar may be found at Other Take 5 webinar topics include innovative approaches to content and social media marketing. The newly released webinar, entitled “Building Virtual Perimeters Around Your Customers,” is designed to foster understanding of the new technology and its potential as a marketing and sales tool.

Don Morris, chief revenue officer; Michael Boy, director of fulfillment; Kristen Hewitt, host

Understanding Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing consists of creating an electronic perimeter around a defined area in which consumers on mobile devices with internet access are served ads and promotions directing them to a nearby business. Perimeters are most effective up to 15 miles, with a two-to-five-mile radius typically considered ideal, depending on the area’s population density.

Some sales environments are particularly well suited to geo-fencing. Tradeshows and conferences, for example, are ideal venues for using geo-fencing to drive attendees to sales booths. Brick and mortar stores can serve digital ads to people walking down the street and entice them to stop in. Creative strategies may include building geo-fences around a competitor who is having a big sales event and enticing shoppers within the perimeter to visit your business instead and take advantage of special promotions.

Experienced marketers know there is no silver bullet for engaging consumers and generating sales. Geo-fencing is no exception. This intriguing tactic is most effective when used as part of a multi-touch digital campaign that includes email, social media marketing and ad display retargeting.

About Take 5 Media Group

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