Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Names Patxi Pastor as CEO

Patxi Pastor

Patxi Pastor has spent his career inspiring, educating and engaging the world in protecting the ocean and the world’s natural resources. His ocean conservation and humanitarian work has continued to focus on developing resilient communities while promoting STREAM (Science, Technology, Resiliency, Engineering, Arts and Music) education and their respective career paths.

Now, Pastor brings that experience, leadership and passion to his new position as CEO of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), which conducts scientific research and hosts educational programs aimed at conserving the marine environment. Pastor has served as the Foundation’s President since January and his new additional appointment as CEO was publicly announced this past Friday during the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation annual fundraising gala held at the Lauderdale Yacht Club. The event was attended by many of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and over 200 VIP guests. Pastor will oversee operations for the GHOF, raise funding for research and educational initiatives to help foster the next era of marine conservationists while developing new initiatives that implement creative and innovative strategies to maintain and protect a balanced and sustainable ocean ecosystem.

“Patxi is a transformational force in ocean conservation and education which makes him a perfect fit for the work we are doing at the GHOF,” said world-renowned artist, conservationist, scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Guy Harvey. “This is an exciting time for us as he helps us develop and launch our educational curriculum and extensive corporate and philanthropic partnerships.”

Pastor is also the founder and CEO of the Celebration of the Sea Foundation, co-founder of the Mission Resolve Foundation and co-founder and co-chair of Keys Strong.

An active member of the Broward County Coastal Coalition Committee, Pastor served as a member of the City of Fort Lauderdale Sustainability Advisory Board and was a founding member of the City of Miami Beach’s Sustainability Committee. He co-created both the Miami Beach High School Academy of Marine and Environmental Science (AMES) and Miami Beach High School SCUBA Club, which has included need-based full scholarships provided by the U.S. Navy. He was formerly a board member for Cetacean Society International whose work was responsible for creating international moratoriums on whaling for the International Whaling Commission and enforcing the Marine Mammal Protection Act developed by the United Nations.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation as we launch our extensive STEAM curriculum and professional development programs for teachers,” said Pastor. “Educating our future leaders in marine conservation and ocean sustainability has never been more critical. We are working every day to inspire young ocean ambassadors and provide them with exciting marine and environmental science experiences. Our virtual field trips include exploring the worlds ocean and diving right alongside incredible marine animals like sharks, whales and turtles. Most importantly we are engaging students to personally address many of the critical challenges the world is facing today like marine plastics, coral restoration, water quality and overfishing of vital marine ecosystems worldwide.”