Join a Guy Harvey Expedition and Make Waves in Marine Conservation

Expeditions are set for Guatemala, Mexico and Panama to raise funds for ocean conservation and education

The Guy Harvey Foundation (GHF) kicks off a series of excursions this summer with trips planned for Guatemala, Mexico and Panama to engage the public and to highlight the important research work being done in these countries. Proceeds from Guy Harvey Expeditions fund conservation efforts through the Foundation’s research and educational programs.

Guy Harvey Expeditions are designed to foster ocean conservation and to raise public awareness about the critical significance of our marine ecosystems. These expeditions offer participants the unique opportunity to actively engage in a diverse range of oceanic activities. Led by Jessica Harvey, CEO of GHF, and accompanied by esteemed visiting scientists, these world-class adventures guarantee an exceptional experience. Whether embarking on a luxurious and eco-friendly fishing excursion or indulging in the awe-inspiring chance to swim alongside majestic whale sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Guy Harvey Expeditions provide an immersive educational journey and an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

“Through these partnerships, Guy Harvey Expeditions not only provide our guests with an unforgettable ocean experience, but we also contribute to important research efforts and promote marine conservation in these regions,” Harvey said. “Our commitment to sustainable fishing and marine conservation, coupled with our partnerships with local research organizations, demonstrates the power of collaboration in preserving our oceans for future generations.”

The series of Guy Harvey Expeditions include:

The Casa Vieja Lodge Experience, June 23-27, at Casa Vieja Lodge, located in the heart of Guatemala’s Pacific coast: It’s a premier sport fishing destination renowned for its commitment to conservation and catch and release practices. The lodge offers guests a luxurious and sustainable fishing experience, with expert guides and top-of-the-line equipment to help anglers catch prized species like sailfish, marlin and tuna. Casa Vieja Lodge is dedicated to preserving the marine ecosystem and promoting sustainable fishing practices. There is a strict catch and release policy that not only helps to maintain healthy fish populations but also ensures that future generations can enjoy the thrill of sport fishing.

Pacific Fins Resort & Marina, June 27 – July 1, at Pacific Fins, a premier sport fishing resort in Guatemala: During this expedition, anglers will also have the opportunity to fish in the waters of Guatemala and target prized species like sailfish, marlin and tuna, all while learning about sustainable fishing practices and the importance of marine conservation. In addition to their conservation efforts and adhering to sustainable fishing practices, Pacific Fins also supports local communities through various social and environmental initiatives.

Keen M Blue Water Encounters, Aug. 4-8, at Hotel Playa la Media Luna in Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Guests will have an opportunity to swim with magnificent whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea, and share their experiences via a series of testimonials that will be filmed during happy hour or at a designated interview location.

Tropic Star Lodge, Sept. 7 -12, in Panama: Guests will fish in some of the most incredible waters in the world and have the unique opportunity to participate in a citizen science program to tag dolphinfish and contribute to ongoing research efforts.

As an additional bonus, guests will be able to relive their incredible experience and share it with their loved ones as they each receive a summary video of the entire experience one month after their expedition ends.

“We chose these locations because they are known for their exceptional marine biodiversity and conservation efforts,” Harvey said. “We are proud to say that the Guy Harvey Foundation has partnered with local research organizations in each of these regions to promote marine conservation and scientific research.”

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About Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey is a unique blend of artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer, fiercely devoted to his family and his love of the sea. His childhood passion for the ocean and its living creatures not only inspired him to draw, but fueled a burning interest that prompted a formal education in marine science. Having graduated with honors in Marine Biology from Aberdeen University in Scotland in 1977, Guy returned home to Jamaica to resume his education, earning his Ph.D. from the University of the West Indies in 1984. Though he gave up a budding career as a marine biologist for that of a highly acclaimed artist, Guy has continued his relentless pursuit to unravel the mysteries of the sea, traveling the world to better understand the habits and habitats of the marine wildlife he paints. For more information, please visit Follow Guy on Facebook at, on Twitter at, connect on Instagram at, and tune in to see Guy’s latest expeditions on YouTube at

About the Guy Harvey Foundation

With a focused mission to better understand and conserve the ocean environment, the Guy Harvey Foundation (GHF) collaborates with local, national and international organizations to conduct scientific research and provides funding to affiliated researchers who share this objective. The GHF also develops and hosts cutting-edge educational programs that help educators to foster the next era of marine conservationists, ensuring that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a properly balanced ocean ecosystem. For more information, visit Follow the GHF on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or connect on Instagram at