Luxury Lifestyle PR – The Biggest, Best, First and Only

South Florida is a global mecca for high-net-worth individuals seeking the best of the best, from spectacular real estate to amazing superyachts and year-round golf on exclusive courses.

In the luxury lifestyle market, where being the biggest, the best, the first or “the only” counts, Pierson Grant Public Relations has created numerous success stories.

Among our many stand-out accomplishments in the luxury real estate market was assisting in an unusual sale involving the daring “Real Estate Rock Star” developer Frank McKinney.  At the time, the $42 million transaction equated to the most expensive oceanfront estate ever purchased in exclusive Manalapan, Florida.

The quick sale of this spectacular home in just 40 days was largely the result of national attention gained from a Pierson Grant-generated front-page business story about it in USA Today featuring the handsome McKinney standing atop a boulder clad in just a cape and loincloth.

Another “first” that resulted in a big win for a Pierson Grant luxury real estate client was the sale of a $35 million parcel comprising a home and five point lots in the exclusive Harbor Beach neighborhood on Fort Lauderdale Beach.  At the time, the sale marked the highest price ever paid for a residential property in Greater Fort Lauderdale.  Interest in the property was robust from the start, thanks to stories generated by Pierson Grant in the Wall Street Journal and numerous other international, national and regional media.

Superyachts Public Relations

In the exclusive world of superyachts, Pierson Grant’s many clients in that industry have included Majesty Yachts.

Headquartered near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Majesty Yachts’ parent company Gulf Craft expanded their offerings into the 100-foot-plus yacht size category and hired Pierson Grant to introduce Majesty to the U.S. superyacht market.

In addition to garnering extensive publicity in business and yachting media for the client, perhaps the most impactful tactic deployed by Pierson Grant was to ensure that Majesty Yacht’s attributes were recognized appropriately.  We accomplished this by nominating and securing an award for the company as “Best in Show” at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show—a distinction that ultimately proved to be a marketing gift that kept on giving.

Whatever the luxury lifestyle product may be, our goal at Pierson Grant Public Relations is to connect consumers with your brand in ways that build loyalty and support your product sales.