Morton’s The Steakhouse Gets Its Geek On For National Pi Day

SOUTH FLORIDA (March 5, 2010) – As we all learned in school but have probably long since forgotten, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is 3.141592653…, an infinite and constant number known as pi. While the concept of pi is something best embraced by math geniuses, the concept of pie is something we can all enjoy. In honor of National Pi Day which of course is celebrated on March 14, Morton’s the Steakhouse is offering its delicious key lime pie for the special price of $3.14.

While mathematical pi is constant at 3.14, key lime pie definitely is not. The special $3.14 price is a one-day only treat, so put down your slide rule and graphing calculators and come into Morton’s for a little slice of heaven.

Morton’s The Steakhouse’s Broward and Palm Beach restaurants are:

– Fort Lauderdale
500 East Broward Boulevard

– Boca Raton
5050 Town Center Circle

– West Palm Beach
777 South Flagler Drive

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About Morton’s
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