New Mental Health App Nothing But Advice© Launches in Florida

Qualified mental health professionals available in real-time 24-7

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (April 24, 2019) – Those struggling with mental health issues now have access to help in real-time 24 hours a day seven days a week through a new app called Nothing But Advice©.  The app has launched in Florida with a nationwide roll-out planned for this summer.

The Nothing But Advice app allows Florida residents to connect with qualified mental health professionals in the state through an easy-to-use platform via audio, video or text communication. The more than 200 trained Florida-based mental health professionals on the app have been thoroughly vetted.

A licensed mental health and certified rehabilitation counselor, CEO Elise S. Gates founded Nothing But Advice after a culmination of years of professional training, observing health care trends and working within an out-dated mental health system.

“People today need and deserve immediate access to mental health professionals to help guide them through issues big and small. Stressed students, struggling new moms, lonely seniors and others often do not know where to turn or cannot wait to receive the help they desperately need,” said Gates. “We are in a mental health crisis right now. The estimated cost in lost wages, lost productivity and the emotional, financial and physical toll on families and loved ones is a trillion-dollar crisis. Nothing But Advice is a solution.”

Nothing But Advice provides a supportive environment where people can talk openly with a qualified counselor who is objective, neutral, non-judgmental, educated and skilled. All communications are anonymous, encrypted and confidential.

“Nothing But Advice was created by mental health professionals, not serial entrepreneurs, to meet a very real need in our society. Our mission is to listen, collaborate and provide professional guidance and support in real time,” said Gates. “We want to ensure that users have critical and immediate access to competent, personalized mental health services beyond limited office locations and hours.”

Initial funding for Nothing But Advice was provided by the Deberi Group, South Florida-based angel investors who are successful entrepreneurs and business executives investing in women-owned tech companies.

“We are not doing psychotherapy; we are not diagnosing or building an on-going relationship and we are not a crises hotline. We offer immediate mental health advice to users at the exact time they need it,” said Gates.

How it works

Nothing But Advice can be downloaded for free on a smart phone or computer via the App or Google Play store.  On the app, users will find the degrees and specializations of all participating mental health professionals and a list of those advisors who are available in real time. They can then choose to communicate with advisors via audio, video or text. The cost is $40 per 20-minute session or $80 per 40-minute session. Parents or friends have the option to share minutes to loved ones who are registered users on the site. There are no minimum commitments or insurance requirements.

About us

Nothing But Advice© is an interactive app which allows users seeking advice to connect with qualified mental health professionals in real time via audio, video or text chat. For additional information visit and follow on