Superyacht Provisioners Go Overboard to Please Wealthy Clients


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – In the uniquely exclusive world of superyachts, where it is not unusual for a vessel’s price tag to be $50 million to $100 million, the art of provisioning is a very particular practice. The world’s elite and the chefs that cater to them demand custom orders of the highest quality products, delivered fresh and on time anywhere in the world, as well as all the other basic goods necessary for long sojourns at sea. From its 10,000 square foot distribution center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, known as The Yachting Capital of the World, The Grateful Palate Yacht Provisions satisfies any order of any size and specification, on time, any time.

Ultra-custom requests are fielded daily by the company, which has been accommodating the needs of chefs and crew who serve wealthy yacht and estate owners since 2009. For Passover this year, the company provisioned a 200 foot yacht in St. Thomas, USVI, stocking the vessel with kosher items. Kosher meats, sodas, dry goods and ceremonial supplies for the Passover holiday were provided, including, a specialty kosher caviar flown in from Paris. Anything the client needed to ensure their holiday was fabulous while adhering to all of the necessary kosher guidelines was taken care of. Other recent examples include a client that had 400 pounds of crab claws shipped to Saudi Arabia via private jet for a dinner party and an estate home supplied with specialty meats, fish and dry goods for a Kentucky Derby party, in Kentucky. In each case, the extraordinary orders were shipped overnight and guaranteed fresh.

At this level of service, the order always comes from the chef or other crew member, never from the owner. In fact, Meghan Leckey, owner of The Grateful Palate, does not recall ever working directly with a superyacht owner. “In this extraordinary realm, chefs and crew represent the owners’ interests and make sure that everything is executed flawlessly.”

Inspired by the culinary talents of its sister company known as The Grateful Palate Restaurant, which is one South Florida’s finest dining experiences, the provisioning company has mastered procurement, preparation and global logistics. Some team members have worked aboard megayachts and bring first-hand experience with owners’ expectations as they cruise the Caribbean in the winter and the Mediterranean during the summer months.

“The secrets of our success are, first of all, really understanding the amazing level of quality demanded by the wealthiest yacht owners in the world and, secondly, anticipating everything the crew will need for the trip,” said Leckey. “There is no other industry in the world that demands this level of attention to quality, from Beluga caviar to toilet paper, and few other companies in the world that can meet those expectations.”

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