Nominations are now open for Palm Beach Symphony’s Lisa Bruna B-Major Award

Music teachers and private instructors have until Nov. 19 to submit nominations

Lisa Bruna B-Major Award 2019 winner Abigail McNutt

Palm Beach Symphony is now accepting nominations for the Lisa Bruna B-Major Award which will bestow upon one to three high school seniors in Palm Beach County a major level instrument that will be suitable for college auditions and the start of a career in music.

Eligible students must be current high school seniors in good academic standing who are planning to enter a music degree program at a university or institution of higher education. Students must be nominated by a music teacher or private instructor.

“This award was established to give talented and deserving students an instrument worthy of professionals that will enhance their future education and career prospects by enabling them to grow more fully as musicians,” said Palm Beach Palm Beach Symphony CEO David McClymont.

Last season, Palm Beach Symphony awarded two upper-level instruments to the Lisa Bruna B-Major Award winner and runner-up as well as 48 other instruments to students who were among the more than 8,000 students who participated in Palm Beach Symphony educational programs last season.

Nominations will be judged upon the nominee’s accomplishments and activities (academic, musical and in the community), future musical plans and financial need. As part of the final selection process, nominees will be asked to participate in an interview and an audition in which they will play two contrasting musical works in front of a panel of judges.

The program is now in its third year and was renamed last year in honor of Lisa Bruna, the Symphony’s late director of marketing and communications, for her talents as a writer, her passion for helping others and her significant contributions to the Palm Beach Symphony.

The submission deadline for nominations is Thursday, November 19 at 5 p.m. Complete details and the nomination form are available in the programs tab under music education at