orderTalk, Inc. Integrates Third Party Food Delivery Option

~With a qualified digital ordering provider, restaurants can focus on what they do best~

 With the meteoric rise of off-premise dining via online and mobile ordering, restaurant companies are paying more attention to delivery services, according to orderTalk, Inc., the original provider of digital ordering solutions for the restaurant industry worldwide.

“The choice of a delivery system has become incredibly important to the restaurant industry, but just as important is the integration of the order into the delivery system,” said Patrick Eldon, CEO of orderTalk. “Our solution can integrate seamlessly with restaurant delivery systems and payment processors allowing restaurateurs to focus on what they do best, which is food preparation.”

orderTalk processes more than $2.5 million a day in digital ordering and has built its loyal clientele base by offering functionalities specific to the complex world of food. In addition to orderTalk’s ability to integrate delivery to consumers by a third party, the company also provides its clients with access to proprietary remote ordering software as well as mobile and social media applications to meet the expanding needs of the restaurant industry. orderTalk’s sophisticated software solutions are designed to leverage business growth through stronger sales, higher check averages, decreased overhead costs and a higher customer satisfaction level.

“Mobile ordering and the ability to offer delivery is obviously huge in the restaurant industry, particularly with pizza chains and sub shops,” said Eldon. “Now we are seeing an interest in delivery options from non-traditional restaurants in the casual dining sector. We’ll likely see more of that in the future because customers, particularly millennials, have come to expect convenience and speed when it comes to their food orders.”

With orderTalk, restaurants can opt to do their own deliveries or select their delivery providers at will from one of the many other real-time on-demand companies. When a consumer places an order for delivery, the transaction is relayed to the restaurant and the delivery provider of choice simultaneously by orderTalk.

“The delivery option by an outside vendor is a win-win for restaurant companies not specifically focused on takeout,” adds Eldon. “They can easily accommodate customers who are unable to pick up an order more economically than hiring full or part-time drivers. Again, they are in the food business, not the transportation business.”