Palm Beach Symphony Seeks Instruments to Provide to Local Student Musicians

A limited number of instruments are also currently available

David McClymont and Esteban Cuadra

As a new school year begins, Palm Beach Symphony is seeking donations of professional or amateur quality orchestral instruments for underserved children.

“Many music students, from elementary through high schools, depend on their school music programs for instruments or their parents must use limited financial resources to rent instruments,” said Palm Beach Symphony Director of Education and Operations Olga M. Vazquez, Ph.D. “With the financial difficulties many families are facing and virtual learning during this pandemic, it is even more important for us to help ensure students have instruments upon which to practice. In addition to the social, emotional, and academic benefits of the arts, music provides students with a creative and expressive outlet which they so desperately need at this time.

Palm Beach Symphony ensures instruments meet performance standards before making the donations. The program currently has two violins, a carbon fiber viola bow, one cello and a keyboard ready to offer students.

To make an instrument donation, see what instruments are available or nominate a student to receive an instrument visit

Last school season, Palm Beach Symphony gifted 48 instruments and reached more than 8,000 students through performances, coaching sessions, and workshops. The Symphony also produced a series of 48 instructional videos featuring musicians on 12 different instruments when in-school instruction was no longer possible. The videos or links to the videos are available at and @pbysymphony on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.