Real Estate Rock Czar Frank McKinney Unveils the World’s First Ultra-Luxury Micro Mansion

~“Frank McKinney looks like a cross between a rock star and a surfer…that’s Frank’s style. He’s a real estate entrepreneur who creates high-end real estate and he is very successful!”    -President Donald Trump~

Internationally recognized “Real Estate Rock Czar” and the legendary “King of Ready Made Dream Homes” Frank McKinney disrupts conventional real estate wisdom again with the successful completion of the world’s first-ever Micro Mansion located at 19 Tropical Drive in the seaside town of Ocean Ridge, Florida.

Always at the forefront of the ultra-luxury real estate industry, McKinney has created another new trend with his latest creation, single-handedly creating a new market with his revolutionary and bold concept.


A consummate showman and acclaimed daredevil real estate artist, well-known for his over-the-top theatrics, McKinney unveiled his spectacular Micro Mansion, listed for $3.9 million beautifully furnished, during a heart-pounding grand unveiling event on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

The event had three sold-out showings with more than 500 guests attending and even included martinis and mermaids diving for pearls in the home’s two pools.

The Micro Mansion grand opening was co-hosted by the exclusive listing agent, Pasqual Liguori of Premier Estate Properties and Dale Construction. Guests were asked to donate to McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation, his non-profit which has built 24 self-sufficient villages in Haiti by providing shelter for more than 10,616 children and their families.

“The luxury real estate market is set to experience a tectonic shift. To meet this evolution in demand, I conceived the prototype for the Micro Mansion and quickly moved forward, meticulously overseeing every square inch of its design,” said McKinney. “I have no doubt we’ll sell at or above asking price so I’ve already bought oceanfront land and have begun plans to build the next masterpiece. My first Micro Mansion is sure to send chills down the spine of the luxury real estate market.”

Buyer’s in today’s luxury real estate market prefer custom design features and finishes, combined with comfort and ease of maintenance, over excessively large mega-mansions which require a fulltime staff. The 4,087 square-foot, two-story, three-bedroom, four-bathroom ultra-modern Micro Mansion is bursting with unusual, sensory features such as a rare sea-glass kitchen, illuminated living reef aquarium wall, sun deck floating between two pools, a 650 square-foot master bedroom suite including a second floor outdoor master glass shower with trees reaching into it, and a dining table crafted from a single piece of driftwood, among other extraordinary artistic features.