Restaurant Digital Ordering Provider Serves up Big Game Day Stats

~orderTalk offers perspective on pizza ordering trends~

According to business intelligence from orderTalk, Inc., the original provider of digital ordering solutions for the restaurant industry worldwide, if last year’s sales are any indication, not surprisingly pizza chains will win again this year, particularly through digital ordering.

During the Big Game in 2016, pizza chains using orderTalk’s digital ordering software reported:

  • that sales nearly doubled that day
  • one chain saw a 50% increase in first time online users that day
  • cheese pizza accounted for more than 33% of items sold throughout the day

“Statistics such as these help restauranteurs to prepare for high-volume days efficiently and project sales revenues,” said Patrick Eldon, CEO, orderTalk. “Regularly monitoring consumer habits also will likely change the way restaurants market their businesses and we have the tools to help our clients access this valuable database of consumer knowledge.”