The Casino @ Dania Beach Concludes Successful Jai-Alai Tournament

Battle at the Palace Champions Win Cash and Prizes

Benny Bueno, Jean Olharan, Nicolas Etcheto, Xabier Barandica, Unai Lekerika, Aimar Aldazabal, Ibon Aldazabal and Javier Hurtado. Front row, kids: Oiñatz Minte and Maren Aldazabal

The Casino @ Dania Beach announced the results from Battle at the Palace, its first-ever Jai-Alai tournament which concluded on April 10, 2022.

Several of the world’s top-ranked Jai-Alai players from the Basque region of Spain and France played in doubles competition during a series of multiday elimination rounds. Aimar Aldazabal #27 and Ibon Aldazabal #15 took third place, winning $3,000 with Jean Olharan #21 and Nicolas Etcheto #12 coming in second place and earning $5,000. First place was awarded to Xabier Barandica “Barandika” #42 and Unai Lekerika “Leke” #59 who won $7,000 in cash and prizes.

“We were extremely pleased with the level of interest this tournament generated and it was amazing to have professional Jai-Alai competition return to our fronton,” said Benny Bueno, Jai-

Alai Player Manager at The Casino @ Dania Beach. “We look forward to hosting future invitationals and a scaled-down season later this year.”