The Levin Palace Luxury Residences Honors Resident

To celebrate Women’s History Month, The Levin Palace Luxury Residences, a first-class residence for older adults who live independently, is sharing the story of one of its most beloved tenants – Nelly Horowitz.  A slight woman in her eighties, Mrs. Horowitz has a big smile, a sharp intellect and a wonderful sense of humor.

Horowitz’s life changed dramatically when she emigrated as a young child from Poland to Cuba with her parents in 1931. Before the Second World War and the horrors of the Holocaust, many Jews left Eastern Europe and found freedom of religion in pre-Castro Havana. Jewish people who moved to Cuba are known as Jewish Cubans and also affectionately as “Jubans.”

Horowitz’s story is about a woman who refused to be restricted by society’s limitations. She was remarkable then, and she is now. She was determined to learn every world capital and did so by the 3rd grade. Horowitz went to the University of Havana because she wanted to become an international diplomat. She defied her brothers and father by learning to drive and, although having many suitors, she focused on her studies and refused to marry until she was 24, despite the family’s concern that she would be an “old maid.”

When Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 the family moved to Coral Gables and opened a leather store which stayed in business on the Miracle Mile for 60 years. Horowitz played an active role in its success.

Horowitz and her husband eventually retired to West Palm Beach to be near their three children and grandchildren. After her husband of 58 years died, Horowitz moved to The Levin Palace Luxury Residences, as positive about life and pleasant as ever.

“One of the things we love most at The Levin Palace is hearing all the amazing life stories of our residents,” said President and CEO Keith Myers. “We’re honored to share Nelly Horowitz’s story to commemorate Women’s History Month.”

The Levin Palace is located at 4850 Loring Drive in West Palm Beach.