Thema Optical Announces New Recycling Program with Terracycle

Thema Optical, an Italian manufacturer of high-end and custom-made eyewear with a U.S. factory in Miami, has announced a new recycling program in partnership with international recycling leader TerraCycle®.

Thema manufacturers made-to-measure, bespoke eyewear through its patented 3D Acetate Technology where every design is “sculpted” like an art piece.

Revolutionizing the eyewear industry, Thema creates unique and exciting collections that reflect the consumer’s personality without compromising sustainability. During production, some acetate waste is leftover in the manufacturing process. With the help of TerraCycle, Thema will recycle the excess acetate so that it can be processed into sheets and used to make new acetate products.

“Thema is a global company that respects the importance of sustainability and the major role each of us plays as stewards of our Earth,” ,” said Giulia Valmassoi, chief executive officer of Thema Optical’s North America branch. “Partnering with TerraCycle has made it possible to implement this new recycling program in our facility.”

TerraCycle specializes in collecting and re-purposing hard-to-recycle waste through a variety of platforms, including large-scale recycling, which helps manufacturing facilities like Thema recycle large volumes of waste.

“At TerraCycle, our mission has always been to eliminate waste, recycle the unrecyclable and use our innovative business solutions to minimize human impact on the planet,” said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. “It’s through partnerships like the one we enjoy with Thema that allow us to fulfill our objective and help preserve the environment for future generations.”

For more information about Thema Optical, visit or call 786-803-8881.

 About Thema Optical

Thema Optical was founded in 1993 by engineer and eyewear designer Giorgio Valmassoi in Domegge di Cadore, Italy, a small town located just north of Venice. His daughter, Giulia Valmassoi, expanded the company to North America in 2013 and, as chief executive officer of Thema’s North American branch, has since grown the company’s presence in the United States to more than 1,000 retailers nationwide with annual revenues of $2.5 million. Thema opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Miami in 2017, where it now manufactures four of Thema’s best-selling brands: iGreen Hi-Tech, O-Six, Giorgio Valmassoi 1971, and Philosopheyes. Connect with the company on Facebook @ThemaFamilyFactory and @iGreeneyewear, on Instagram @thema_a_family_factory  and @igreeneyewear, and on LinkedIn @Thema – A Family Factory. To learn more, visit or send an e-mail to

About TerraCycle 

TerraCycle is an innovative waste management company with a mission to eliminate the idea of waste®. Operating nationally across 21 countries, TerraCycle partners with leading consumer product companies, retailers, cities, and facilities to recycle products and packages, from dirty diapers to cigarette butts, that would otherwise end up being landfilled or incinerated. In addition, TerraCycle works with leading consumer product companies to integrate hard to recycle waste streams, such as ocean plastic, into their products and packaging. TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for sustainability and has donated over $44 million to schools and charities since its founding 18 years ago. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in its recycling programs, please visit