Thema Optical Offers the Gift of Customization this Holiday Season

Add Thema Optical to the top of your shopping list this holiday season.

The Italian manufacturer of bespoke eyewear offers literally millions of frames to fit all style preferences. From iGreen Hi-Tech’s lightweight slim and ecofriendly design to Philosopheyes’ glamorous and sophisticated details, Thema’s wide range of unique, handcrafted designs are fully customizable and made-to-order.

 A better fit, for a better vision.

Through Thema’s Virtual Eyewear Assistant (VEA) technology, consumers can customize eyewear that is manufactured to their facial measurements. In less than 20 seconds, the VEA 3D camera and software create a unique 3D facial rendering that the customer can use to virtually try on more than one million style and color combinations.

From its state-of-the-art facility in Miami, Thema then manufacturers the bespoke frames to the exact specifications of the customer’s facial measurements in their preferred style, color and overall design, with a turn-around time of three to five business days.

Beyond the fashion statement, benefits of biometrically designed eyewear include a more comfortable fit on the nose and less tension headaches caused by poor-fitting frames that irritate pressure points behind the ears.

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About Thema Optical

Thema Optical was founded in 1993 by engineer and eyewear designer Giorgio Valmassoi in Domegge di Cadore, Italy, a small town located just north of Venice. His daughter, Giulia Valmassoi, expanded the company to North America in 2013 and, as chief executive officer of Thema’s North American branch, has since grown the company’s presence in the United States to more than 1,000 retailers nationwide with annual revenues of $2.5 million. Thema opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Miami in 2017, where it now manufactures four of Thema’s best-selling brands: iGreen Hi-Tech, O-Six, Giorgio Valmassoi 1971, and Philosopheyes. Connect with the company on Facebook @ThemaFamilyFactory and @iGreeneyewear, on Instagram @thema_a_family_factory  and @igreeneyewear, and on LinkedIn @Thema – A Family Factory. To learn more, visit or send an e-mail to