Village of Indian Creek is First in Miami-Dade County Selects BasaFlexTM and BasaMeshTM Reinforcement Products For Underground Concrete Structures

Third announced specification for Basanite, Inc.’s products in 2022 as municipalities seek alternatives to steel reinforcement products

Basanite, Inc. (OCTQB: BASA), a manufacturer of environmentally friendly, high-performance composite construction materials made from basalt fiber and basalt fiber reinforced polymer, announced that it has been selected to manufacture and supply multiple concrete reinforcement products (notably its BasaFlexTM and BasaMeshTM products) for use in fortifying sea walls, concrete catch basins and stormwater structures for the 300-acre island municipality of Indian Creek Village.

The selection by Indian Creek Village is the third announced municipal approval in Florida for Basanite’s products this year, as municipalities search for stronger and more environmentally friendly alternatives to steel reinforcement products.

The underground infrastructure application for which Basanite’s products have been approved is an integral component of the island enclave’s multi-phase Roadway Redevelopment Project.

“Indian Creek is surrounded by the saltwater of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County, making it imperative for Village building officials to select the toughest, most resilient, reinforced concrete available on the market today,” Basanite Director Fred Tingberg explained.  “The basalt fiber reinforced polymer we manufacture to fortify concrete is not only the green choice, but it also significantly strengthens and extends the life of concrete structures.”

Basanite engineered, developed and manufactures sustainable, non-corrosive, lightweight, composite concrete reinforcing products such as BasaFlexTM and BasaMeshTM using basalt fiber as an alternative to conventional steel reinforcement.

Indian Creek Village is directly latitudinal to the Town of Surfside in Miami-Dade, site of the oceanfront Champlain Towers collapse in June 2021 where rising groundwater, king tides and deteriorating concrete from the ensuing saltwater erosion were considered as potential factors of the disaster.

“We believe that concrete reinforced with BasaFlexTM and BasaMeshTM will be a key element in helping the iconic and historic community of Indian Creek maintain its security and structural integrity for decades to come,” Tingberg added.