World-Renowned Ocean Experts to Talk to Students and Join Global Livestream to Explore Exotic Corals in Australia

Ocean lovers around the world can come together in a unique celebration on Earth Day with world-renowned artist, conservationist and scientist Dr. Guy Harvey and his daughter Jessica Harvey, project manager for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), as they co-host a Livestream that takes viewers on a deep dive to the exotic corals of Australia’s Ashmore Reef with ocean experts Dr. Carlie Wiener of the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) and Ian Koblick at  MarineLab in Key Largo on Thursday, April 22 at 9:30 a.m. EST. They will be interviewed by middle and high school students while the SOI underwater robot, ROV SuBastian, explores Australia’s deepwater corals, known as mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs) which range from 100 to 500 feet of depth.

The live broadcast also includes a tour of the high-tech, 272-foot research ship, R/V Falkor, as it deploys the underwater vehicle on the reef. Viewers from around the world can join in on Facebook Live via the following channels – @DrGuyHarvey, @SchmidtOcean, and @GuyHarveyOcean.

The R/V Falkor research ship (Credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute)

Dr. Harvey will be streaming from the Cayman Islands, Dr. Wiener will be in Hawaii, Koblick will broadcast from his MarineLab home base in Key Largo and the R/V Falkor will be in the Indian Ocean at Ashmore Reef.

Shallow coral reefs worldwide are under extreme stress and threats from bleaching and diseases. Studying MCEs in deeper water could unlock solutions to save our ocean’s dying reefs. The Earth Day Livestream

will visit those deeper waters where sunlight begins to fade away but massive sponges and corals grow undisturbed by man.

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation conducts scientific research and hosts educational programs aimed at conserving the marine environment. The GHOF funds affiliated researchers working to better understand the ocean ecosystem and educators helping to foster the next era of marine conservationists.

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